Welcome to Collision Hub!
The industry’s #1 source for Collision industry news, event coverage and training.


Welcome to Collision Hub!
Home Of The Industry's Largest Social Media Audience.

Welcome to Collision Hub!

Collision Hub is the Collision Repair Industry’s #1 source for technical and estimating training.

Collision Hub covers the gamut of Collision Repair with an unrivaled mix of technical information, collision estimating, product commentary, collision repair trends, body shop news, and auto repair related events. We deliver a wide range of information on all auto body supplies and collision repair products (such as 3M, Norton, SATA etc)  by engaging with the collision industry. 

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Firstly, If you are here you’ll find an archive of video content from Collision Industry suppliers and thought leaders. This is also where you will find product demonstrations, product reviews and our very own Cool Tools segments.

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Collision Hub Repair University

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Repair University comes in three varieties: Repair University, Repair University Live and Repair University OEM. To learn about and to access all three versions click the button below.

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If you are here you will find the latest and archived episodes of Collision Hub’s very own “Collision Hub News Network” also known as CHNN. Don’t have time to read all the various Collision Industry publications to learn what’s happening in the industry? Click the button below to be brought up to speed with our monthly self-produced Newsroom style program.

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COllision Hub Industry Articles

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Lastly, If you are looking for truly in depth coverage of subjects such as repair procedures or  issues affecting shops, owners and collision repair technicians, you’ll find articles written by our very own industry thought leaders such as Larry Montanez and John Shoemaker. Consider this your very own Collision Hub library. Got a subject you would like us to cover, or an article you would like to post? Click here and tell us about it.

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