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Have a need to demo a product or conduct training nationwide but don’t have the man power or time to do it? Consider filming a training session with Collision Hub. We can conduct the training session at our facility or the location of your choosing. We can even offer live training broadcast nationally.
SOP’s or Standard Operating Procedure packages are available and customizable to suit your needs. Companies looking to build out a standardized training program for new equipment, software, or even training for new and existing hires can benefit from recording an SOP series and cut down oncustomer or employee onboarding or training time.
LMS or Learning Management Systems are similar to SOP’s in that they can be a great training resource for your expanding teams. These are typically internal training for companies. We can develop courses, create testing to assess employee’s retention, and create course guides and materials. We can develop content for companies to help train their employee’s on any number of topics.
LMS’s are also a great option for sales force training regardless of location. A more knowledgeable sales team will produce higher sales.
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Sample SOP Video

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What you get

We will work with you to develop your standard operating procedure, or training and break them down into modules. We will then film each procedure or module utilizing our staff, or trainers, or whomever else is needed to demonstrate the operation. We can shoot these in our training center or we can shoot them on location. We can script the series, hire talent when needed and edit all footage. We can also create the system used to store and access the training modules and SOP’s.

What we need from you to produce one

We typically start with a strategy session, a discussion with your trainers, and we conduct several story boards leading up to the shoot day(s). We will need access to the educators and trainers from each SOP department to script any dialogue. We will need access to any facilities required to produce an footage not shot at our location.

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