The Art Of Persuasion: Communication Skills For Collision Repair
The Art Of Persuasion: Communication Skills For Collision Repair

The Art Of Persuasion: Communication Skills For Collision Repair


The Art of Persuasion is a book written by Kristen Felder for the collision repair professionals.  There are few things that are more powerful than being able to persuade others that your argument is correct. This power of persuasion allows you to get more of what you want while also helping others get more of what they want. Learn 16 proven ways to become more persuasive.

If more training is what you want, you can sign up for one of our master classes and get a free copy of The Art of Persuasion!

Master Class Estimating – This 14 course series is broken down into what we believe are the 5 core skill areas of being a good estimator or adjuster; Time Management, Stress Management, Communication, Customer Service and Ethics. In Master Class Estimating, we focus on building the foundation of the estimator and adjuster, and providing them the skills and knowledge they will need to grow.

Master Class Owner/Manager – This is a 14 course series on everything a shop owner and manager must know!  We will cover everything from business ethics to time management and how to handle distractions.  We will also dive into human resource issues, including planning and conducting job interviews, employee retention and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.  A must for the shop owner or manager!

Or maybe you want it all!  If that is the case, sign up for our PhD Program and receive Master Class Estimating, Master Class Owner/Manager as well as our Pre-Inspection Routine course. It is everything you need to know before you ever look at the vehicle.  From the first conversation with the customer to the description of the accident to scheduling the inspection.  This course is an in-depth look at the pre-inspection routine everyone should have in their tool box for every customer.

With any selection, you get a free downloadable copy of The Art of Persuasion!



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