OEM Weld Validation
OEM Weld Validation

OEM Weld Validation


Welcome to industry’s first, and only, virtual OEM-specific welding training and skills validation program. After visiting repair facilities across the country, Collision Hub saw a need for OEM-specific welding training.  This type of training hasn’t been available to the industry until now.

This multi-part welding series consists of an online course that covers basic machine set-up, welding technique, and the most common welding joints repair professionals will encounter. Following the basic online course, we’ll dive deeper into OEM welding requirements and share information on how to find OEM welding specifications, from a variety of OEMs. The next step is revolutionary for collision repair welding training and validation. We’ll come into your shop, virtually, and work with you to make the required welds, for the vehicles you’re working on. Once you know how to find the OEM welding information, identify the required joints, and we’re both confident you can make the welds, we’ll then schedule a test. The day of the test, you’ll first cover the OEM requirements with our trainer. Next, you’ll make welds, following OEM procedures, and we’ll visually inspect and destructively test the welds, together; all virtually. The test will be done on actual OEM parts, to ensure your welds are being made on the exact type and thickness of steel found on the vehicles you’re repairing. You get all of this for just $449. If you want skills validation for more than one OEM, we can do that too! Each additional OEM gets you access to that OEM’s welding information program and a virtual test, for only $149 per OEM.


LMS System, Individualized coaching, and the opportunity to test and validate your skills with one OEM’s procedures and process.  For additional OEM validations, visit https://collisionhub.com/product/additional-weld-testing-oem-validation/


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General Motors, Honda, FCA, Toyota, Ford, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Subaru, Volkswagen

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