Negotiation Round Up – Fort Worth, TX (June 1 – 3)
Negotiation Round Up – Fort Worth, TX (June 1 – 3)

Negotiation Round Up – Fort Worth, TX (June 1 – 3)


Join us for this 3 day training event held at the the Hyatt Place Fort Worth Historic Stock Yards June 1st – 3rd!

3 Courses:

  • The Art of Speed Reading People –
    In this one day hands-on course we will cover the process and practice of speed reading people from physical, written and verbal cues.  Learn how to recognize the unspoken emotions and feelings in any situation that will allow you to adjust your communication strategy to meet the other party where they are. This not only allows you to reduce or eliminate misunderstandings, but also remove the friction so common in today’s claim interactions. We’ll head out to the stockyards to observe people and put our training into action.  In addition we’ll review sample communications such as email, voicemail and body shop lobby video feeds to find answers to our daily work situations.
  • Negotiating With Insurance Companies (Even State Farm) –
    Armed with a new way of looking, listening and reading consumer and adjuster interactions, we can now work with negotiation techniques and applications.
    This full day class will focus on how to prepare and shape your negotiation strategy to each individual to achieve maximum success.  Learn how to build a negotiation library and store documentation for continued success.
  • Capture the Keys: Sell the Estimate –
    How do you get customers to hand over the keys? How do you keep them after you write the estimate?  We’ll break down the sales process for capturing the keys and then how to explain repair plans that often present out of pocket expenses for the customer.

This training event will be limited to 35 attendees, so don’t miss out!

C-20 VIPs, email holly@collisionhub.com for a $400 discount code!

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