Estimating Kit
Estimating Kit
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  • Estimating Kit
  • Estimating Kit
  • Estimating Kit
  • Estimating Kit
  • Estimating Kit
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Estimating Kit


Distributor Kit exclusively from Collision Hub until SEMA.  A dozen tools every shop needs.

1 – Dent Viewer XL
1 – Dent Viewer
1 – Estimating Kit
2 – Tape Thing Caddys
2 – 1″ Tape Things
2 – 2″ Tape Things
1 – Sleeve, Mark Safe Green
1 – Sleeve, Mark Safe Yellow
1 – Sleeve, Mark Safe Red




Every shop needs this Distributor Kit.

This kit has everything a busy shop needs…

Dent Viewer – An aid to give scale to photos to accurately represent subjective damage. Constructed of weatherproof PVC and printed on a reflective backing that illuminates the grid onto the damaged panel. Two-sided panel, dark and light sides, to use with all car colors.  Included are the small and XL sizes.

Estimating Kit – Add scale to damage photographs as well as accurately replace emblems, decals and stripes from a solid reference point.  Included in the kit are: 24″ Blend Stick, 24″ Estimating Stick, 13×9 Square Dent Sizer and 12″ Straight Edge.

Tape Thing – The patented, magnetic tool that holds your tape firmly against booth walls, prep carts, tool boxes, cars or any metal surface. Designed to allow tape to spool easily, even from your hand. Also handy for holding paper and plastic cover in place while taping. Included are two 2″ Tape Things and two 1½” Tape Things.

Tape Thing Caddy – The perfect companion product to the “The Tape Thing.” The Tape Thing Caddy keeps everything used to prep a car within arm’s reach. Everything clips conveniently to your pocket. Ergonomically engineered to feel invisible.  Two Tape Thing Caddies are included in this kit.

Mark Safe Estimating Arrows – Designed to safely mark any vehicle surface for estimate mapping and photo documentation. Individually sectioned and cut from EZ release vinyl. One roll each of Green, Red, and Yellow (150 arrows per roll) are included.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 2 in
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