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Steps for audience Builder
If you do not have your own content, and don’t know what you should produce, but you want to play around with some options we have just the right tool for you with our very own audience builder. This will allow you to experiment with Collision Hub business solutions and will help calculate an approximate budget and audience reach. Using historical data from our video views, our social media reaction we can estimate with a high probability what your audience reach could be based on your selections.
Here is how to use it:
Step One- On the left hand column click and unclick the categories in the boxes to see what options are available.
Step Two: By selecting a specific option you can learn more about that product in the center column, including estimated audience reach data and case studies or examples of prior work.
Step Three: On the right hand column you will see a combined audience reach and estimated cost based on the products you have selected and the quantities you have entered.
Once you have experimented with some options, estimated your reach and estimated an approximate budget, click the button to get in touch with Dan or Kristen to start discussing what a custom package might be like for you.


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