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Blending, burning in or melting clear coats are some of the terms used in the collision repair industry to describe what can be classified as an unacceptable or improper procedure, although leaving an open

Best Practices For Fast Tracking Repairs

One of the catch phrases in the collision repair industry, that has been used for the past year to year and a half, has been “Fast Track Repairs.”  Fast Tracking repair can mean different

Body Filler Procedures

Over the years OEM’s have been making stronger, thinner outer body panels from a variety of substrates.  Outer panels have been constructed Mild Steel or High Strength Steel, Aluminum, Composite material, or some sort

Defining Collision Repair Industry Terms

We have all heard of Wikipedia and all seem to use and quote it, but in case you didn’t know it, the site can be edited by anyone and in some cases this can

Advanced Economical Vehicles

Since 1995, we have been trying to warn the masses that technology will hit them quickly and hard, like a double right uppercut with a finishing left hook from Mike Tyson.  In 1995 this